Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dress Code: The Non-Initial Monogram

-The badassity of monogramming is undeniable: Adding a bit of personality to your favorite items is almost always a good move. But I carry enough ego with my style as it is, I don't need to adorn everything with my initials. So, in my very small monogram collection, I've opted for a different route. Option 1 (top) I chose to rock the initials of a loved one/significant other. Only consider this option if said loved one/significant other isn't likely to be out of your life before the garment is. The shirt is a Rugby make-your-own oxford, it fits great and was only like $65 I think. Rugby has also taken the J.Crew route and started granting a 15% discount to college students.
-Option 2 (bottom) I chose to use an acronym from a personal motto. Don't ask me what it is, but it has to do with being a badass. The shorts are J.Crew. Think about getting your shorts monogrammed, it's a nice change of pace from the more-common sweater/polo mongrams. J. Crew offers monogramming on a lot of their items for $10 if you're shopping online, so the next time you're grabbing a plain crew neck sweater, think about throwing some initials on there. Just remember, you don't absolutely have to go with your own initials, your choice could be as simple as a set of letters that just roll off the tongue. I'm trying to have a large collection of monogrammed gear, and I'm trying not to let any of them have the same three letters, that way each is special in its own way.


Anonymous said...

dude, i love the idea of getting a monogram of someone else's name. so key right there homie.

kurt said...

hahahahaha it's all about getting AFS on your threads