Monday, August 17, 2009

Dress Code: I want a wacky fall sweater

-These sweaters from The Inoue Brothers, a design team I'd never heard of before seeing these but have since become very intrigued by, reminded me of an important concept I need to keep in mind for fall. I've never been one to make novelty or garishness a major tenet of my dress, but on the other hand, I've always hated the idea falling into a pattern of routine dress. The latter seems to happen to us more and more as we age, we adopt a uniform and perfect it (for me the fall uniform usually consists of Levi's, oxford shirt, tie, crew neck sweater). As sartorialists we must always be looking for new ways to re-work the items we already own, and in the same vein, looking to add pieces that maybe break the consistent mold we've created for ourselves. I really like the idea of a bright, almost cartoony sweater for the fall. These impeccably made sweaters could be used in a variety of ways, I'm thinking over a dark oxford/tie combo, under my trench coat.
-This is a nerdy sweater that for some reason I put in my blog folder and now since I'm talking about wacky sweaters I included it. I'm not commenting on its merit, but it did remind be that's it's never a bad thing to include a little occupational or academic humor in your attire. Occasionally.

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