Monday, August 10, 2009

Field Notes: Stream of Consciousness

-Everyone knows I love Sperrys and I've been thinking about acquiring a new pair, so I was pumped to see this SS/10 preview. Those suede greys look dope. Hey, speaking of new Sperrys.

-Check out these chukka boots from the next installment of Band of Outsiders for Sperry. I've talked a lot about my Band x Sperry boots in the past and now I really want these. Hey, speaking of my boots, I'll get to wear them tomorrow because it's supposed to rain and I have to go walk in the woods for 8 hours taking pictures for a nature photography workshop.

-So here's a bit a nature photography, more of which you can find on our Flickr. There will probably be a ton more photos of trees and leaves and other really cool naturey stuff after tomorrow's field trip.

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