Wednesday, March 11, 2009

School Supplies: My Favorites

-I know I've been doing a lot of personal posts lately, but I haven't had much time to be trolling the blogs. I've decided, after getting a good response to my military coat post, to post on a couple more of favorite items in the coming weeks.
-I've worn these Sperry Top-Siders (above) more than any other shoe in my life. I've had them since 2006 and I've worn them in the rain, snow, sand and ocean. I've skated in them, hiked in them and worn them to school probably 90% of the time throughout my college career. The wear on the leather reads like an unfinished canvas, layers exposed, the process clearly evident. My Top-Siders are a map showing where I've been and hinting at where I'm heading. I've got too much rambling to do, so the rest, along with more photos, is after the jump.
-I remember a long time ago, probably three or four years, reading a Glenn O'brien style guy response about the appropriateness of Top-Siders. It was one of the only times in my life when I've completely disagreed with Glenn's opinion, which was that Top-Siders ought never be worn anyplace other than the deck of a seagoing vessel. To me, the Top-Sider is the ultimate everyman shoe. It's got a class shape, but it's easy to slip on and go. It's low cut makes it ideal for the break of a narrower jean or trouser.

-I shot this with my Nikon, b-t-dubs. And a 50mm f/1.8 Nikkor lens. Be sure to click the photos and check them out in greater detail 

-A reminder: All of these photos, as well as a bunch of our photos that never made it on to the blog, can be found on our Flickr.

-I've got a pair of creamy white Top-Siders, the BoO Sperry boots, and two pairs of Sperry slip-ons (one pair being the Modern Amusement collab, which are pretty rare,) but these are still my favorite. They've held up pretty nicely, especially considering the abuse I've subjected to them, but the sole on one of them is starting to come off a bit. I'm looking into Mighty Mendit.

-That's all. Thanks for reading and share your thoughts in the comments. Unless your thoughts are anti-Top-Sider, I don't want to hear none of that shit.


Anonymous said...

Sick post! Sperrys are a staple shoe for me, I love them. It's true, when they age and wear they are amazing. But 2 weeks ago I decided to mix it up a bit and purchase my first pair of Sebago Docksides. The leather they use is a bit stiffer and the profile is slightly sturdier. I always get the dark brown color sperry/sebago w/the white sole. You can't go wrong there. I can't wait to see how these sebagos age...

Angelo said...

Gracias. I usually cringe whenever I see deck shoes that aren't Sperry because,y'know, whats the point? But I know that's a bit hypocritical because I've always wanted a pair of Tod's and I'd get some if I had the money.