Monday, March 30, 2009

Peer Review: New GQ

-A lot of people are bitching about this month's GQ cover (Rob Pattinson,) but I really don't get why everyone is pissed. Because he's a teen idol? How different is Pattinson from a young Brad Pitt, or any other young actor? He looks good in a suit, which should be the only requirement for being a GQ cover-man.
-The rest of this month's issue had some really solid content (which is why it pisses me off that people are dismissing the whole mag just because of the cover.) I really enjoyed the solid list of 20 graphic novels to check out after Watchmen, after reading Maus I've been interested in exploring more modern graphic novels. There was also a feature on Washington native Anna Faris, a Class Act favorite. 

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TheSundayBest said...

Whoa whoa...ease up my blogging brother. I did not dismiss the entire issue. In fact, I clearly pointed out the inside with NPH himself as a far worthier addition.

As for how Mr. RP might be different - he's been in maybe five movies, doesn't sound like he wants to act anyway, looks perenially unwashed, and has exhibited as much personal style as your average English major. So in what way is he a cover model for a men's style magazine?

Thus is my beef.