Sunday, March 22, 2009

School Supplies: DQM x Fox Dirtpaw

-Growing up in semi-rural Washington, jumping bikes in the dirt is a pretty big part of being a boy. My friend Darran, who is still tearing it up on BMX, gave me a pair of Fox Dirtpaws in 8th grade. They were the perfect glove for riding and even playing football in the cold. For the past two years I've been wanting to get a pair just to use as my normal cool weather gloves. I thought they would make a nice technical variance in my casual outfits as opposed to my other gloves, (I wear these when I'm feeling classy, but more often I rock the one-size-fits-all kind from the gas station.) 
-Today I saw this collab between Dave's Quality Meat and Fox on a new Dirtpaw and it reminded me that I still need to get a pair. DQM adds some nice detailing to the palm. The old model that I recall from my youth didn't have the big rubber knuckle pads and I kind of wish this one didn't either, but I still want them. I figure since sometimes I ride my bike to school I can get away with wearing them with my normal cool-weather attire, or am I retarded for wanting to throw bmx gloves into the mix? Either way, buy me some here, red size small.

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