Monday, February 22, 2010

School Supplies: Spring Hill-Side

-The dopeness of The Hill-Side is nothing new to most of you. The label has been pushing the use of chambray beyond work shirts for awhile now. But when I first saw the brand's line of (then) scarves and ties (now expanded to pocket squares and bandanas) the one thought I had was "they need to add some color." I was perusing Blackbird's new stock and found this season's offerings from The Hill-Side. I'm very seriously considering grabbing this hickory-stripe number before it's gone. Most of my scarves are of the heavier winter variety. A light scarf can be a dangerous undertaking; it's easy to end up looking like an LA hipster. But if you employ a bit of Italian sensibility, I think it's a look that can be pulled off sincerely. I was a bit unsure about the 'natural' chambray, but the green stripe in the self-edge sets it off. The 'kyoto violet' dyeing is a bit deep for me to rock in the spring, but I would definitely consider it for early fall.


jon said...

That shit is the truth. I have the plum chambray and it's faded really nicely.

p.m. said...

been thinking the same thing recently about rocking a light scarf for spring...def takes major italian sensibilities to do it right something along these lines: