Sunday, February 14, 2010

Design Major: Band of Outsiders NY F/W 2010

-I'm not going to do much commenting on NYFW, mostly because I haven't really seen anything I've liked, and because there are a lot of bloggers there who will be returning with more thorough first-hand accounts.
-But I'm a bit mystified by a lot of my colleagues' dislike of the Band of Outsiders collection. People are saying it's the same old Band style. I disagree. It was consistent with past Band aesthetics, yeah, that's a good thing. But the outerwear here is stellar, and unlike anything we've seen from BoO in the past. That yellow vest is great. It's playing off the workwear vest trend of the past year, but the color gives it a west coast flavor and kills the pretension associated with workwear/Americana niche sartorialists. Those sweats are great too. The tailoring was on point as per usual, and the shoes (as always) were great. Those deep green trousers are killer. The parkas, working a bit of tech into the collection, were a fresh addition to the BoO line.
-I'm not going to spend too much time arguing, but Band continually makes great clothes that can be dressed up or down. Everyday staples, impeccably made and re-imagined.

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Tim said...

Im liking their Spring 2010 lookbook, featuring Donald Glover, the perpetually bomb Leslie Mann, and Dave "People Don't Forget!" Franco of minor Superbad fame. Clothes aint too shabby either.