Wednesday, February 17, 2010

School Supplies: DGK Tees

-I've been riding a DGK deck for about a year now and I love it. The pop has lasted throughout pretty regular sessions. Like most of us, I haven't rocked skate brand graphic tees since high school1, but I'm endorsing this series of prints. You can't last long in the 'business' of blogging if you let haters get to you, so I'm all about embracing the Dirty Ghetto Kids' mantra.
-If you've got enough ego to put your personal style out there for the anonymous masses to criticize, you're probably not going to let the haters affect your pride anyway (which leads to the question, why do they persist?) But until everybody has reached internet enlightenment, I take comfort in the fact that I get a lot more positive feedback than negative, and let Fabolous speak for me: "I adress the haters and under-estimators, and ride up on em like they escalators."
-Here's to hoping #Ulysses reads this post.
1- I actually own and occasionally wear a DGK shirt, but it's a shirt referencing Mike Tyson's Punch Out, and I'm a sucker for Nintendo nostalgia. Sue me. 


Anonymous said...

Why don't you post EVERYONES comments if you claim to have such thick skin, Mr, Spagnolo?

Angelo said...

I publish anyone who will stand by their comment without hiding behind anonymity.

Ivan McK said...

LOL @ Mike Tyson's Punchout...LOL.

Dope tees.