Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dress Code: The Early Spring Militant Pacifist

-I cut the collar off this safari shirt because it was awkwardly large. I've done that with two other shirts too. I like the end result. Try this tactic out if you've got an awkward collar. I probably wouldn't ever wear my dog tags like this, but they're aiding the military theme established by the safari/bow tie.


Nicole Maarja said...

Is that bowtie one of your creations??

Angelo said...

Yeah, I've done three with the fabric from an old army shirt, all which slightly different detailing. More coming when I get my hands on some more fabric.

Tommy V. said...

I've never been a fan of dogtags but the rest of the outfit is tight.

Randomitus said...

hi guys!
love your blog and posted to that effect on my own - http://randomitus.tumblr.com/post/404671063/if-you-have-not-checked-out-a-class-act-please-do - and am getting a lot of response to it, so i hope you see an increase in traffic!

be well!