Tuesday, February 9, 2010

School Supplies: Seeing Red

-In middle school I wore an inordinate amount of red. I kept buying red and white skate shoes, and I had an unhealthy obsession with matching everything to my shoes. As I've matured, I think I've subconsciously avoided wearing red so as to not relive that dark sartorial period. But lately I've been really gravitating toward some bright red items. Whether it's used to add a pop of color on a cold winter day, or to usher in the beginning of spring, a singular piece of striking red will do you good.
-1 Inverallan for Inventory Items, I've regretted not buying this hat ever since it sold out. I've spent a lot of time looking for a suitable red beanie, but the shape and chunky knit of this one keeps me hoping they'll re-up.
-2 Wool Blend shirt from Aubin & Wills.
-3 Russel Athletic crewneck sweatshirt for a bit of childhood nostalgia (size down accordingly.)
-4 D.S. Dundee cardigan
-I would probably wear my red Polo socks with any of these pieces for a bit of added flair, but otherwise I would never put more than one bright red (or any other bright color) item in one look. I'm still looking for the optimum usage of my red Polo jeans though...


wingtip blog said...

You can special order the same hat from Inverallen directly. Takes a month or so, but it also works out to be less than half the price of the Inventory one.

nich0las said...

I applaud you on your blog. Really inspiring stuff.
Peace from Australia.