Monday, February 8, 2010

Dress Code: The Early Spring Weekender

-I almost wrote about my yellow Burberry sweater for my COE Favorites Series contribution. In short, the sweater was a reckless purchase that worked out in the long run. It's probably my most under-utilized garment.
-As far as this look goes, I just got the chinos and have been trying to figure out what to wear with them (besides my go-to flannel.) The cashmere sweater classes up the chambray/chino ensemble a bit, and I included the windbreaker and umbrella to allude to the certain prevalence of rain as spring approaches.


Jingoist said...

Love the Gretzky one-side untucked look.

Anonymous said...

Don't really like the half-tucked shirt. I know it's deliberate, but it's too much; it looks more like contrivance than sprezzatura.

I enjoy your blog, especially the last few outfit posts. Keep up the good work!