Friday, February 26, 2010

Home Ec: You're Gonna Need Stitches

-The left pocket of all my jeans gets worn out. I walk with my left hand in my pocket usually, because my right is constantly busy fiddling with my iPhone (and before I had the phone, my iPod.) The left pocket on my favorite pair of Levi's is completely destroyed, so when the pocket of my Naked & Famous started to come unstitched, I decided to stop the destruction in its tracks with a bit of heavy-gauge thread.
-There are two reasons for this pretty insubstantial post. Firstly, I'm using this denim related item to tell people to check out Denim Debate. My column isn't live yet, but it should be this weekend. If you've not yet heard about the debate, go check it out, it's an inventive site that should become a great resource for style-minded folk.
-Secondly, I'm posting to say that the wireless network I've been stealing at my apartment has disappeared, and while I figure out what to do about that, insubstantial posts like this may be numerous. Bear with me, and be well.


Anonymous said...

dope. but where's that billy reid review at son?

Angelo said...

Quit hasselin me dog. Maybe this weekend.