Thursday, November 19, 2009

School Supplies: Still Life Paratrooper Jacket

-I saw this jacket awhile back and I'm surprised nobody else in the blogosphere picked it up. I wasn't aware of Still Life before I found this jacket, probably because their primary product is hats and I'm not much of a hat enthusiast. But their small accessory and apparel lines look really promising, especially this poncho-style jacket made from military grade canvas. I really like the slant breast pockets and the brown accents. The jacket is $370, but I'm inclined to trust the quality and accept that the price is reasonable. This is definitely on my buy-sometime-this-winter list.

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Bobby Whigham said...

wow, just came across your blog today. I've been missing out. Like hyour spin on the americana thing. It's more youthful than ACL.

great work!