Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dress Code: High/low Hitchhiker

back from hitchhiking
-This photo was taken right as I returned home from a quick 500 mile hitchhiking trip around my beautiful home state. Deciding what I'd wear to a: maybe be able to survive getting caught on a snowy pass, and b: not look so rugged that I'm unapproachable but not so well kept that people wonder why I'm on the road, was pretty simple.
-Low: The Greatest Coat Ever Made
-High: Rogues Gallery flannel
-Low: Gap henley
-High: Pashmina scarf
-Low: Gas station one-size glove
-High: Naked and Famous jeans
-High: Sperry x Band of Outsiders boots + NIKWAX waterproofing wax for leather
-It will be a little while till I know which photos from the trip are going to be published in print so I can't get any up on our Flickr yet, but as soon as I know I will through some up.

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L.A.S said...

I want those boots.