Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dress Code: High/low Cowboy Dandy

-High: Engineered Garments flannel bow tie
-Low: Shitty Urban sweater
-Low: Gap chambray
-High: Naked & Famous jeans
-Low: DKNY calfskin wingtips
-High/Low determination based on my relative poverty. For some reason blogger is rendering these photos in super shitty quality, so check our Flickr for better/more.


L.A.S said...

High: Razor Scooter
Low: Razor Scooter

Jack said...

hello there, noticed the link from inventory. great blog. a tip for the images is to go into html editing of the post after uploading the picture. you will see an "img src=" link to your uploaded picture, search for the part that says "s400" switch the 4 to an 8 making it "s800" and it should up the resolution of your image. hope that helps.

Angelo said...

Sweet, thanks for the tip.