Monday, November 23, 2009

Administrative: Twittered (Again)

-I posted when I first made a Twitter account back in August, but I rarely tweeted and seemed destined to become one of the 60% of Twitter users who quit tweeting in the first month. Partly because I bought and iPhone and partly because I took a little time to follow some more interesting people, I've started to embrace and enjoy Twitter. I'm trying to convince co-author Tim to get one, but so far both myself and eyefive creative director/girlfriend Grace are utilizing eyefive-endorsed Twitters. If you're a fan of eyefive and a Twitter user, I implore you to follow both of us. We don't want followers just to boost our egos, we just want to make sure people who enjoy our content receive as much of that content as possible, even if it's just me on the bus reciting a rap lyric that popped into my head. Word.

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