Wednesday, November 18, 2009

School Supplies: Considering Bomber Hats

-I'm not much of a hat guy, but this year I've opted against my tradition of long hair for winter and my ears have been cold. I'm still deciding whether or not I could actually rock one of these hats and keep a straight face, but I definitely appreciate some of the options there are and I'll give props to anyone who pulls one off. The top left hat is my favorite, the Aviator hat by Canada Goose, $115 from Context. The Canada Goose version is lined with coyote fur which, despite the fact that I'm not to keen on real fur, is pretty badass. The other three hats are all from L.L. Bean. The leather version is priced nicely at $69 and the other versions are only $40. The L.L. Bean bombers are lined with rabbit fur and both the buffalo check and leather versions are boss and assuredly warm enough for some legitimately cold temperatures.

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andrea said...

I have one of those hats. I really love it. it doesnt have coyote fur in it but its still pretty awesome.