Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dress Code: Legendary Lids

In this month’s issue of GQ, Glenn O’Brien has some strong words for you and your New Era collection: “Caps are for boys, hats are for men." Not convinced? GQ’s Style Guy recommends you turn on HBO's Entourage and ask, “Do I look like Ari, or do I look like Turtle?”

While we personally wouldn’t spend all of Aquaman’s money at Lids, we stand by Turtle’s allegiance to the single classiest item in sports: the fitted Yankees cap. The logo, which has remained unchanged since 1913, has become synonymous with the mystique of a team and a city. Devotees range from the obvious (Spike Lee, Russell Simmons) to the inexplicable (Tom Brady, LeBron). While my Bostonian roots will forever keep me from donning one, the cap’s storied past and classic design are clearly enough to make anyone go to the dark side.

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