Friday, May 23, 2008

PhysEd: Lady Rides

-We've taken a a pretty hard stance against cycle hipsters, but luckily stylish females have managed somewhat to avoid their ultra tight jean wearing, ass crack showing, stupid hat wearing, sweaty male counterparts; and maintained their right to rock cycles where form has a little edge over function without being another white Vans authentics wearing cliche1.

-One of our hipstertipster mafia members gave us word about this CoolHunting article about fresh cycles for the ladies. Here are a few of our faves from the list. Check out the full article for more info including tips for ladies about purchasing the right bike.

-Also, check out The Sartorialist's special section of bike photos for ideas on how to stay stylish on your new cycle.

-This one is called the Seattle by Specialized, so you know we had to show it love.

-This all black beauty was designed by Chanel, check out the official details here.

-This white rimmed cruiser reminds me of one I spotted last week.
1-You know what were talking about.
props to S-Jeezy for the tip. Um, yeah, if you're reading this, you clicked more. and we havnt figured that whole thing out yet. so yknow its whatevs

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