Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Teacher's In-Service

-The four of you who check this blog regularly may have noticed we haven't posted in (gasp!) three days, it's shitty I know.

-Finals are nearing and we've been busy1, and also...

-We've been discussing, and have subsequently made some decisions, about: expanding the blog team, further specializing the nature of our content, and increasing the frequency of content (to something like 2-3 posts daily!), all of which we are planning to work on as we move forward.

-So that means: keep checking back daily for college lifestyle oriented style and media news. Good stuff coming soon, including our summer essentials (both male and female versions), collection reviews, cd reviews, summer movie reviews, etc. 

-So thats why we've been lazy, also the gossip girl finale was on, it was lackluster. And the Lakers won tonight. Also, my computer is a piece of shit and dies even when the battery is full, it actually died in the middle of writing this post, thank god for auto-saving drafts.


1-It is our opinion that 'group projects' at the university level are entirely inimical to any sort of valid educational theory, just a rant. 

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