Thursday, May 1, 2008

Art School: Aaron Kraten + Carry5

-When it comes to art, even those of us who admire the modernist greats like Marcel and Jasper long for art that exhibits the themes we are familiar with.

-Thats why we at E5S-CA think you should know about Aaron Kraten, one of our favorite contemporary artists.
-Aaron's self taught brand of mixed media pieces are filled with imagery anyone vaguely familiar with any of the various urban subcultures of the past decade will find appealing. If I had any sort of income, I would purchase one of his pieces.

Above: Reclusion, 18" x 20", mixed media on wood, $475

Above: Analog Skys, 12" x 16", mixed media on wood, $350

-What makes this post timely is that Kraten contributed to the Carry5 Art Exhibit & Fundraiser in Seattle today.
- Carry5 is a project created by Nancy Chang of the Old Redmond Firehouse that aims to raise awareness about the need for clean water in third world countries like Honduras and Bangladesh. Besides working for the City of Redmond Parks & Recreation department, her off time is spent utilizing her passion for art to address international humanitarian issues she feels strongly about.

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