Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Design Major: Hedi Slimane x Diesel?

<---There are a few rumors circling around today about where Hedi Slimane, the former Dior Homme creative director, might find his next job. The concerning part is where he's rumored to be heading. Some rumors have him heading back to Louis Vuitton, which would be fitting, however some reports have him collaborating with Italian denim label Diesel. This concerns me because I've never been a fan of Diesel, and the bro'd out destroyed denim (or most overpriced designer jeans in general) they produce.

-Adding to the intrigue of the story, is the aspect of Kris Van Assche, who came out of relative obscurity to take over Slimane's position at Dior. Van Assche's style is decidedly more masculine that Slimane's which may have been a conscious theme change by Dior.--->

-Of course, Class Act predicted that KVA would blow up when we first heard of him nearly four years ago, and had the picture below on our myspace under the heading "name to remember." We're on our shit. Overall, if the Diesel rumors materialize, we say KVA is still on the way up (if not already at the top) and Hedi Slimane is on the way down.


Anonymous said...

what made you get into fashion?

classact said...

your mom