Friday, May 30, 2008

Music Theory: Empires, Freebies, and the Future

-Tom Conrad, formerly of The Academy Is, has a new band called Empires. The band has released their full length album, Howl, as a free download on their Web site.
-I was never an academy is fan but this 'disc' is a surprisingly subtly catchy mix that flows from heavy rocking - to satisfyingly sedated - seamlessly.
-But the overall beauty of this release is not the music, it's the manner in which it was released. As a simple, free, download package, complete with an album art PDF and some bonus pictures (some are shown below.) This is the idealistic future of music; Where artists make music because they love making art, and they share it without greed. Bravo.


The OddNotes said...

This album is so awesome, and the pictures were a nice touch.

How do you want to go about this cross promotion? Just add a widgit to the side with your blog in it, and you can do the same for us?

Anonymous said...

hmm. i think i would expect better from you angelo! this is a shitty album. save for maybe 2 songs