Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dress Code: You Won't Catch Me In... Vm. 3: Humor

-Spending the last semester in Denmark has allowed me to get a firsthand look at the country's fine fashion and design offerings. I have been truly impressed by brands like S.N.S. Herning and stores like Wood Wood and Norse Projects, all of which I will have more on later this week. However, one of the more popular brands in Denmark has nothing to do with shoe collaborations or maritime sweaters. Instead, Humor specializes in clothing that is pretty much ridiculous in every aspect. Their collections are dominated by tacky patterns and outlandish color combinations, while their obnoxious "drop-crotch" jeans (see above) are often worn tucked into socks. I respect brands that do original things and have the ability to start such dominant trends, but I am still completely perplexed as to how this company became so popular. I can at least say that Humor got their name right, as I have spent that last four months laughing at teenagers with Euro mullets and jeans that give the illusion of a full diaper.

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