Thursday, December 3, 2009

School Supplies: Moccasins

-I wore moccasins pretty religiously throughout high school, and since my last pair disintegrated I have failed to fill the void left by their absence. Thus, I have decided that it is time to snag a new pair.
-Wisconsin's Russell Moccasin Co. had some nice options (below left), and I was impressed by Yuketen's unique design (below right) and recent collaboration with Woolrich.
-Of all the moccasins I looked at, the offerings from Quoddy were far and away the most enticing. Quoddy's mocs (above) are hand-sewn in Maine and they look absolutely perfect. The price tag is a a little intimidating, but the quality is unbeatable and I will surely own a pair of these someday. I have become a firm believer in the High/Low Philosophy championed by my co-editor, but after going relatively high on some A.P.C. denim and a new coat my bank account is hurting. Luckily, I found some leather Minnetonkas for an insanely low price, and I'm hoping they hold up until I win the lottery and can cop a pair of Quoddys.


Angelo said...

Don't forget about L.L. Bean cousin!

Tim said...

Love my Bean Boots as I do, their mocs just aren't doin it for me.

jocko said...

Quoddy's are the best ...but their prices will make your heart stop. Check out eBay. I have been able to score some awsome buys on some lightly used Quoddy's: a pair of Tracker Boots (worn once), a pair of crepe soled Ring Boots (worn a couple of times) and my latest score, a pair of Dawson mocs (like the ones in your pic). None cost more than $100 and all were like new.