Wednesday, December 30, 2009

School Supplies: Spring Quarter, Band of Outsiders Polos

-The new Band of Outsiders polo shirt collection, "This is not a polo shirt collection" (dumb name, I know, they probably know too) will probably show up on a shitload of blogs because that's usually what happens with BoO stuff. But I'm inclined to post because the polo shirt department is an area where I've been seriously lacking since I lost my favorite Penguin polo when I was 12. The only polos I currently own are an Abercrombie one from 2004 and a $7 white one from Wal-Mart. I've actually have a few of the latter because they're pretty much disposable — given the price, and my inclination toward spilling chocolate on white shirts. Anyway, the point is that I've neglected to upgrade my polo selection as I've continuously sought to upgrade the rest of my wardrobe and, come springtime, I'll be in the market for a quality polo. The new Band collection looks pretty good to (I grabbed my favorites above.) I love the nautical wavy stripe and the Baumer-worthy white piece. The price points are pretty high ($150-$200) but that's to be expected from Band. Normally I wouldn't consider dropping that much for a polo, but these are made in Japan and I'd wager that one would last me quite awhile, so we'll see how I feel this spring. The collection also marks the start of Band of Outsiders online shop, which is something many of us have been asking for for a couple years now.


L.A.S said...

I had no idea an online shop was on the horizon. Big moves for Scotty boy.

Wrecked Stellar said...

Nice- I like the pastel polo- it has that old school vibe to it!