Friday, October 23, 2009

School Supplies: Winter Greys

-Last week disaster struck. The solid grey wool Prada scarf that had served as one of my favorite and most-worn items for the past 2 years was lost and/or stolen at school. I'd become very reliant on having a perfect short, light grey scarf every day and I'm now intent of finding a suitable replacement. The budget is a little bit tighter this time around, and even if it wasn't, I doubt I'd be able to find the exact Prada scarf from 3 seasons ago. In addition to a new scarf, I'm looking for a grey, or maybe red, chunky knit cap.

-My first choice might be the Pria herringbone scarf from Blackbird at the top of the post, but I don't know if herringbone is versatile enough for everyday use, and I think it might not work with my (dope, just got here) cashmere herringbone jacket from Company of We.
-So that gets me to the classics, J.Crew and J.Press. The top half of this image has J.Crew's cashmere offerings. When you can get cashmere for not too much more than straight up wool, why not?  The hat is $48 and the scarf is $68, and if I can hold off till the next time I'm near an actual J.Crew location, I can get the 15 percent college student discount.
-On the bottom are the wool J.Press options I'm considering. The prices are pretty similar, and the slightly more rare (at least here in the Northwest) nature of J.Press is appealing. The J.Press hat is a chunkier knit and I prefer it to the J.Crew version.
-I'll probably snag the J.Crew scarf and maybe I'll hold out for the Inverallan for Inventory Items red knit cap, I'd like both a grey and a red knit cap. I'm pretty much out of money right now though, so we'll see how it goes.

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