Monday, October 5, 2009

School Supplies: Bag It

-I made my first Engineered Garments purchase last week and, while I'm not about to be as gung-ho as the homies over at h(y)r, I've definitely taken a stronger interest in the brand. This tweed fanny pack got me thinking. I've never really considered a fanny pack, though I thought it was dope when Kanye rocked the LV one, but I think this one would be great for packing around the Nikon and not having to worry about it banging around in my backpack.
-Speaking of backpacks, it's likely that I'm going to purchase this one today. We've blogged a few times about adult-ish backpacks and it's time to finally pull the trigger on one.

1 comment:

L.A.S said...

while I don't think I'm capable of ever endorsing a fanny pack, sans 80's/Asian tourist theme party, a good grown up backpack is crucial...I'm really digging the flannel, though, good luck rocking that in S/S.