Saturday, October 24, 2009

Graphic Design: Galen's 151 Vodka

-Last night I was at the liquor store gathering supplies for my first attempt at homemade Long Island Iced Teas. I was just picking up cheap pints but then something caught my eye. Galen's 151 vodka attracted me not because of my longtime love affair with both Bacardi 151 rum and really shitty vodka, nor because of it's $15 sale price tag (in case you're uninformed, Bacardi 151 goes for about $26 per 750 ml here in WA where liquor taxes are ridiculous, so you can pretty well gauge the quality of Galen's.) For some reason, I was drawn to the label's superb minimal design. Despite my somewhat-extensive design studies, I can't really pinpoint why I liked this label so much. I've got a soft spot for light blues and straight-up sans serif font faces. Anyway, it gave me another opportunity to photograph a cool liquor bottle. Needless to say,  the Long Island's were legit.


kurt said...

That's some fucking rot gut mate haha

Foster Huntington said...