Monday, October 19, 2009

School Supplies: Alexander Olch for Inventory Bow Tie

-I've been wanting a grey wool bow tie for a awhile now, and thanks to a little good fortune I've come into possession of this superb Alexander Olch piece. I just happened to comment over at the new h(y)r collective incarnation, Inventory Magazine, about the possibility of an Olch x Inventory bow tie and they hit me up and offered me a great price on this limited (1 of 4) tie. I did just drop a good deal of money on an Engineered Garments flannel bow tie earlier in the month, but that one is pretty bulky and I needed a nice small knot for wardrobe balance and a few quieter bow tie assemblages.  I've now gone over my bow tie budget for the year, though this buy one get one 30-percent off at Brooks Brothers is enticing, but thanks again to the folks at the all-new Inventory and I'll get a picture up the first time I rock the new tie.

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matt_morley said...

yes. this is beautiful and is what i've been looking for for ages too! do you know anywhere else that sells a similar item?