Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Music Theory: The Last Kiss

-The long awaited new Jadakiss record dropped yesterday and I kept it on the pod throughout my day. I'm still a little unsure how I feel, it has been so long since I've heard any new Kiss it's hard for me not to like the entire disc by default. I'm a little disappointed in the number of tracks with R&B hooks (my hip-hop pet peeve, I like my shit gritty,) especially since Kiss called out 50 for putting out a disc of radio hits and love songs ("Bunch of love songs, just somethin' to break up buds on.") But I can't fault the man for wanting to put out a disc that sells well, even if he has to turn to Ne-Yo and Weezy, considering all the label bullshit Kiss has dealt with in his career. 
-Overall the beats are solid, the flow is solid as expected, and appearances by Ghostface, Styles P, Swizz, Raekwon, Pharrel and Jeezy among others add enough variety to keep me interested in the whole album. Kiss spits a little more like a veteran with an appreciation for the amount of work it takes to succeed in the business and he spends a little less time talking about slinging rock. And even though I knocked both these themes a few sentences ago, one of the best tracks is "Smoking Gun," a song with a pervasive female lead hook and some pretty heavy subject matter (killing your girl's abusive step-father.) On "Death Wish" Wayne drops one of the most solid, least-nutty verses we've heard from in awhile.

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