Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Music Theory: Sophomore TSH

The Secret Handshake hit us with a well-timed release, My Name up in Lights, today The songs were made for summer weather and I kept the album on the pod while enjoying a beautiful day on campus. TSH's One Full Year is one of my most played albums, but the new album is a nice move toward a lighter sound. Lights mimics the TSH live show, which in its simple goal of getting people to jump, strips the intricate synth progressions down to basic dance beats and funky bass lines. 
-The second-best track on the album, 'TGIF,' recounts the glory of 90s sitcoms, referencing Boy Meets World and Full House among others, which should bring pop-laden smirk to the face of anyone who grew up in the 90s. I was a little disappointed there wasn't at least one slower song, but every track on the album, especially 'Saturday,' has the potential of becoming the type of essential underground summer anthem that 'Summer of 98' was last year.    

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