Wednesday, May 20, 2009

School Supplies: Spring Purchases

-I usually hit the train with my way-oversized Adidas duffel and, though I love it and it's durable and huge and probably made by little kids, it says 'soccer trip' more than 'I'm an adult on a train.' The other day I saw this military bag by Surplus from Oak. I've already mentioned my affinity for military inspired good, but what really struck me about this bag was the price: only $45. When most of the other duffels I like are in the $200-300 range, this was a no brainer. I do like the American Apparel versions, but this one is larger and (I'm assuming) more durable. Dope find. 
-Last month I posted about a sweet windbreaker I found at Buffalo, and then the other day I KZO was on Gilt so I got a pretty legit deal on this windbreaker. The picture isn't that great (I couldn't find the Gilt picture after the sale ended,) but mine fits snug and looks like it's from 2014, which I'm going to assume will be a pretty stylish year. I woke up too late to get a Thom Browne bow tie on Gilt a couple days ago though and I'm disheartened, sigh. MLIA

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