Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Music Theory: Music to Check Out

-I haven't yet given enough time to Manchester Orchestra's Mean Everything to Nothing, the follow-up to the brilliant I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child, but both the Manchester albums are worth listening to. Manchester makes great tunes for those evolving out of the emo genres into a more folky-but-still-angry sound. 

-I've been listening to Paper Route for about a year now and their new album, Absence, is getting some positive press. What I like about Paper Route is that every song is vastly different in nature. Absence is a dope genre-defying album on which you'll hear electronic drums and synths beneath folky guitars and gospel harmonies.

-Meiko's self-titled album is the kind of music I'd usually rock on the pod but not advertise my admiration for. It is what it is, catchy girl-indie-folk-pop, but "Boys With Girlfriends" makes a ridiculously catchy chorus out of the undeniably relatable (for both genders) sentiment "I know better not to be friends with boys with girlfriends."

-The Color of Violence is is a side-project from some of the members of From First to Last. Most readers of this blog probably won't appreciate this album (but maybe you can appreciate the legit album art?) The band's first album, Youthanize, is to-the-point, self-aware ridiculousness composed with incredible technical acuity. 


Anonymous said...

you cant forget manchesters way first album: you brainstorm i brainstorm but brilliance needs a good editor
its my personal fav of the three!

Courtney. said...

I still don't think that Mean Everything to Nothing tops I'm Like A Virgin Losing a Child, but it was fulfilling, and I enjoyed it. I have also been kind of obsessed with the new Paper Route, and as for Meiko...she was the soundtrack to my summer last summer, and will continue to be this summer. I have such a Voice Crush on her, it's ridiculous.