Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Art Major: Nonsense Nostalgia

-Just two images that made me happy that I thought I'd share: The first is a shirt that is currently for sale at Threadless.  It's greatness is pretty self-explanatory to anyone who was born in the 80s. Though I generally discourage the purchasing of non-vintage graphic tees, I've often mentioned that I find nostalgia to be the most engaging design element in most things, and this falls right in line with that thought. 
-The second is a Lego rendering of a scene from Excitebike. You know how pissed you got when you crashed and it took like 10 seconds to run back to your bike? Yeah. The ability to create your own tracks was great though, a feature light years ahead of its time. 
-Both these images are from different posts on Geekologie, one of my favorite places for dumb stuff on the internet. 

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