Tuesday, April 6, 2010

School Supplies: Vans x Giants

-It's been a long while since I've blogged about limited edition kicks, but these appealed to me on a number of levels. Eras, the more skate-worthy version of Authentics (notice the ankle padding) are a classic, clean sneaker. I've always wanted a pair of leather Authentics or Eras, and the colorway here is dope. But mainly I'm wishing I could grab one of the 12 pairs of these because my large, California based Italian family are all huge Giants fans and, though I think baseball is terribly boring, if I were a fan my allegiance would lie with San Francisco.

-I'm gonna get on Facebook and try to convince one of my 30ish cousins to wait in line at HUF on April 9th to try to get a pair.
-Via Hypebeast

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Hannah said...

Bitch you didn't tell any of us about this!