Friday, April 9, 2010

School Supplies: 10.Deep SS10 Shorts

-I might never have blogged about 10.Deep before, but they're definitely one of the few streetwear brands that I consistently pay attention to. As with most streetwear collections, you've got to bring a discerning eye to the company's SS10 drop, but upon looking I was pretty stoked to see these great looking shorts. As you probably know, camo is making a pretty big push in 2010. I think camo is best utilized minimally, as it is here, to add a bit of character to a garment. I also really love the small cargo pocket on the right, and the button tabs that allow you to shorten these up a bit and expose more of the lining.

-I would expect these to come in at around $100 so, though I'd actually like to grab all three pairs, I might consider pulling the trigger on the navy pair.

-The chambray joints are pretty clean also, although chambray use is getting a bit out of hand as of late.

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Will Anderson said...

10 deep does some good stuff, I like the cut of the shorts.