Wednesday, April 14, 2010

School Supplies: A.P.C. Army Petit Standards

-I can't believe I'd never run across these pants before, I've been on the hunt for slim army-green pants for a minute now. I've never been the biggest fan of A.P.C. (ubiquity, price, etc.,) But I'm really digging these. I always thought the Petit Standard would appeal to me more than the New Standard, given my taste in cut.
-Portland's Francis May has these, but it's probably a good thing they're out of my size, or I might be dropping $190 on a pair right now (but does anyone know anywhere else that has these in stock? 32.)
-Kind of a side note, but about five (ish?) years ago there was a spring GQ spread that had these great, dark green Gucci jeans. Ever since then I've wanted some dark green denim. It seems that, with all the great raw denim experimentation that's going on right now, someone could make a great dark green denim that would fade into some great hues. The pair above isn't denim, they're cotton gabardine, so more like a khaki but cut like any other Petit Standard. I had a pair of Levi's khakis cut like jeans that I thought were pretty ace, so the A.P.C.s could maybe sate my hunger until someone executes on my green denim idea.


Anonymous said...

Urban outfitters has some green Levi 510 jeans. Much cheaper than the APC.

Angelo said...

510s are too skinny mannn

seventh avenue gangster said...

i love the petit standards. and i love the idea of the army green trouser. but apc is sold out. and they have been sold out of petit standard jeans in my size since december. wtf is up with apc. i have moaned and groaned about it a few times on my blog.


Sue Denim said...

i too love the army green petit standards. i love all petit standards. but sadly apc when you try to buy the army green petit standards from apc's website, you see that they are not actually offered. the pants come in black (sold out in all sizes) and bright orange (no thanks). what up with that?

and apc has been sold out of the petit standard jeans in my size since december.

i have blogged about my frustration with them, but I feel the need to continue my rant.


Anonymous said...

These might not be exactly what you are looking for, but I got a pair of these freshjive narrows in olive green, and the fit is pretty similar to 511's, if not a little more full. These aren't as streetwear-y as most of freshjive's stuff, and they are pretty cheap. They also aren't actually denim, which the website would lead you to believe.