Wednesday, February 4, 2009

School Supplies: Packin'

-As a college themed site, we thought it important to take a closer look at the quintessential campus accessory: the backpack. These days, the style-conscious tend to side with the messenger bag, but it is still possible to stay classy with a classic backpack.
-The North Face backpack is about as common on campus as the Denali fleece, so it is nice to see their Recon SE (above) break the monotony with some vibrant new colors.
-The company decided to go a very different route with their new Purple Label pack, which is reminiscent of the older JanSport and Outdoor Products packs that we've been rocking since kindergarten.
-If you are looking for the both the simplicity of the Purple Label pack and the colorful look of the Recon, Outdoor Products recently collaborated with green label relaxing to create a line that is both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. They also came out with some slick messengers, if that's your bag.


Foster Huntington said...

Cool blog, where are you guys from? where do you go to school?

Foster Huntington said...

I just added you to my inspiration section of my blog. good stuff.