Sunday, February 8, 2009

School Supplies: Valentine Goods

- I can't even remember how many lame valentines gifts I've gotten over the years, so here's a quick guide of things I think rock- for guys and girls. (first off, mixtapes and letters are always tops.)

1. If you've ever dated a boy who prefers both boxers and skinny jeans, you know how much these will be appreciated. Boxa by Acne.
2. I can't leave my apartment without at least one ring on, so a fun new one is always a good choice. Species by the Thousands dog head ring.
3. This one feels pretty unisex to me, at least I would love it as much as any boy. J. Lindeberg grey zip wallet.

4. Matthew Woodson has been one of my favorite artists for a while now, and he recently set up an online store, buy a print for your honey!

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