Thursday, February 19, 2009

School Supplies: Boot Dilemma

-I posted a couple weeks ago about my search for the perfect boot. This past week two significant things happened, the first being that I watched the video (below) of the completely nutty 88 Keys explaining his Polo obsession. In the video 88 made me aware of the Polo Ranger Boot (below right,) about which I had no prior knowledge. I thought them to be the perfect boot for me, so I got on eBay and found some and began bidding. I lost the auction at the very last second even though I went up to $210 (I told myself I wouldn't go higher than $200.) 

-The next thing that happened, the day after I lost the auction for the Ranger, was that there was a Band of Outsiders sale on Gilt. The sale had the B of O for Sperry boots I blogged about a couple of times. I decided to pull the trigger and buy them since I'd missed out on the Rangers. The B of O boots were only $140 after shipping (down from the $385 original price,) so I felt pretty good about the purchase. But then the seller of the Rangers emailed me saying that the person who had won the auction bailed and I could have the Rangers. Fuck. I couldn't afford to buy two pairs, even though I like the Ranger better. I'm still feeling alright though, I have a feeling the B of O x Sperry will hold up better to weather and they were significantly cheaper. We will see. 
-To help yourself (and me!) get more good deals in the future, sign up for a Gilt account by following this link.  


Frank James said...

frank james pdx has the amazing jeffrey campbell 'first' mens combat boot. fyi. xoox

Foster Huntington said...

what about the danners?

Memphis88 said...

Great blog. You ought to rack up quite a pretty big account credit by putting your invitation link on here. The hardest part for me has been getting people to actually pull the trigger and buy stuff after they have registered.