Thursday, April 24, 2008

PowerPoint: Cloudy Day on Campus

-I like snapping when the weather is riding the line between winter and spring because we get to see how people navigate the semi-cold with style.

-This fellow just has style. People who can take things that seem outrageous but make them work as a part of a well constructed lesson in nonchalance get my vote.

-Modern Mario: I dig the rolled jeans and colorful kicks.

-Sydney and Max are consistently stylish folk. Mid-laugh and holding too much stuff. I like his use of various sleeve-pant lengths to play on his height, and her boots and bandana.

-The lightweight pea coat and a little bit of sweater showing, great navigation of weather. Also, little details like the headphone wires and bright kicks set it apart.

-The money here is in the detail shot (below). The flower in the button hole, and the little bit of collar under the distressed sweatshirt. And Cheetos. Good stuff.

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AKIRA said...

i love how you write. keep it up