Monday, April 14, 2008

The Dean

In addition to promoting the creative ventures of the college set, we here at CA believe a lot can be learned from our predecessors. Those who came before us can offer a great deal of guidance, and thus will be the focus of our Faculty profiles. Though the subject of our first profile left school 55 years ago, he embodies all of our core values: artistic prowess, impeccable style, and a revolutionary approach to his craft.

As one of the foremost practitioners of New Journalism, Gay Talese is best known for his unconventional journalistic style and his perfectly tailored suits. His 1966 Esquire profile of Frank Sinatra is often called the best magazine piece ever written, as Talese's masterful literary technique allowed him to construct a vivid portrait of Old Blue Eyes without ever conducting an interview. Thus, "Frank Sinatra Has A Cold" became a lasting benchmark for the New Journalism movement. The son of a tailor, Talese's dress has always been as precise as his writing, and the suits that got him teased in high school have become his trademark.

Required Reading:
  "Frank Sinatra Has A Cold", Esquire, 1966
New York: A Serendipiter's* Journey

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