Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Quarter: Wintergreens

-I start the majority of my posts with something like "it's well-established that I love military garb blah blah," so it's no surprise that my closet is full of green. The muted greens of army surplus have their place, but lately I've been seeing a lot of richer greens and wondering how I can get my hands on some. I think green has always been a pretty daunting undertaking for me; one false move and you end up looking like you're ready for the St. Patrick's Day parade. But after taking another look at the Close Up & Private A/W10 photos I've been inspired to try to work some non-military greens into my wardrobe. I stumbled upon these olive jeans from Rugby on sale and pulled the trigger almost immediately. I've been on the hunt for green denim for a long time. I haven't quite figured out what to wear the pants with yet, but I think I'll keep it pretty muted up top, stick grey or white, and maybe even try them with my Harris Tweed.  

-Side note: I still haven't found a light crewneck sweater that isn't droopy in the waist like this one from J. Crew. Who has a recommendation?

-I like this patch. An absence of logos is rare among Rugby garments.

-Unattainably boss vest from Moncler.

-An old favorite from The Sartorialist.

-Two great images from Close Up & Private.


David said...

Green is my favorite color, not just for silly small talk about trivial things in common but for clothing as well. I think it's also extremely underrated and thus hard to find since blue usually steals all the thunder. Which is why those rugby denims are great, it's firing shots back at blue and actually getting away with it. #greenoverblue

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned, green goes with almost everything clothing wise. It especially looks good with charcoal gray. As far as sweatshirts go, I'd recommend you get your hands on a Buzz Rickson if you can. Try Blue in Green.

What Should Men Wear said...

I think green could be the new blue among men! The pants on the first photo are nice, especially with the belt completing the look.