Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Quarter: Big Ol' Navy Peacoat

-I've never really been a fan of pea coats1. If you live somewhere with incessant rain like I do, it's not your best cold-weather option (unless you're down with rocking a 50lb water logged wool blanket.) I also see an inordinate amount of guys walking around in ill-fitting pea coats (is this a national problem, or just a Seattle/Portland area problem?) so I've been subconsciously turned off from the aesthetic. But I happened upon a surplus pea coat for free about a year ago and have just recently been trying to work it into the rotation. Anyone whose ever handled an actual government pea coat will attest, these things are heavy. I'm not sure of the weight in ounces, but the melton seems to be about a half inch thick, so this coat is really only a viable option when it gets really cold. The jacket looks black in almost any light, but in full-on natural light you can tell that it's really a deep navy. The shoulders are a tad big in this one, and the old-school collar is bordering on Dracula status height, but I'm going to keep rocking it for super cold evenings until I have the spare dough for a Schott.
1-I mentioned this back in my Favorites Series piece. 


p.m. said...

stop stealing my steeze.

Shidi said...

I think the over sized Pea coat is a problem everywhere.I have a govt. issued Pea coat that I got off of eBay, and mine has a collar that I think is, or might be higher than my head.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the picture I think it looks pretty damn good. Not too tight and enough room for some layering like what you have done. Very classic. I'm surprised your not happy with it. Seems like you may be feeling a bit pressured to go more fashion-y with look. Resist the urge man.

Dave H said...

Agree with Anonymous. Also, I found that sizing down in the military surplus peacoat resulted in a fantastic fit. Maybe a bit closer to the body than what you've got but not much. It's supposed to be able to accomodate a sweater.