Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Design Major: Trussardi 1911 RTW

-Since I heard about the revitalization of the Trussardi house a couple years ago I've been trying to like what they're doing, but the last couple collections have left me underwhelmed. However, the 2010 RTW offering from 1911 had a lot of pieces I could dig. The show was an eclectic mix of Old West cowboy, Indian, and even a some matador influence. I don't know if bow ties and short shorts fit cohesively with Native American themed gear, but alone I like the individual looks and the themes present therein. I also like that they kept the trousers slim and short throughout, lending a modern linking device to the variety of disparate looks. Click the image for a closer look.
-I'm about to pump out a bunch of our signature Class Act runway review posts tonight, check back.
-Photos by Marcio Madeira via men.style

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Matt Fox said...

Love the three school-boyish dandy looks.