Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home Ec: Eat Local

-The best milk on the planet. It was in a cow 15 miles from here last week.
-Obviously I, like you, get annoyed by food snobs and eco-yuppies, but I'd be stupid not to take advantage of the vast availability of great local food that exists in this hyper-eco-conscious community. If you like good food, then you want to the freshest food available. If you're reasoning is based mostly on matters of taste, then you remain pretty much free of the well-intentioned but often blowhardy moral arguments made by most organic advocates.
Eat well, be well.


Bridget Fossedal said...

Angelo, I really like your blog -- I spent some time perusing it and you're a great writer (with obvious sartorial instinct). Nice work!

eye five style said...

Thanks B!

Anonymous said...

Ugh - while I agree with the basic jist of this article (eat local, eat sustainable, "just for the taste of it" is excuse enough), it's the attack on people who take this shit seriously (as opposed to a fad) that grates my nerves. Maybe you should stick to writing about pants and shit like that.

Otherwise - cool blog. I'm sure I'll be stopping by now and again. Just remember - we're all on the same team.