Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall Quarter: Blackbird Alden Shortwing Blucher

-With so many Alden collaborations and custom makeups around, it's rare that I get too excited about any, but I like this pair from Blackbird for a few reasons. Mainly, I dig them because I think it's the first time I've seen a shop put their touch on the shortwing blucher. Alden longwings are almost universally lusted after, but I'm part of the small minority that prefer the aesthetics of the shortwing. Something about that uninterrupted stretch of leather down the side makes the style seem a bit bulbous to me. The shorter wingtip will also cost you quite a bit less than its elongated brother. I also appreciate that the folks at Blackbird chose this great looking burgundy calfskin, whereas most folks automatically spring for shell cordovan when doing custom Aldens. What I like the most about this shoe is that Blackbird kept their local climate in mind and went with the double Waterloc outsole, which will help the shoes hold up in the wet Northwest weather (though we've seen this same tactic in a few of Winn Perry's Alden collabs.) I'd still love to own some whiskey cordovan longwings someday, but if I were in the economic position to pull the trigger on some new Aldens, these might be my first choice.


Alexander said...

those are beautiful, unfortunately they're a bit pricey for the average college student

ScottF said...

Angelo, I'm in the small minority with you on the shortwings. Honestly, it is what a wingtip should look like. Curves and interplay of textures! Longwings are nice, but too linear and blocky for my taste. After picking up my first pair of Aldens (#8 V-tips from Leather Soul), I'm keeping an eye out for a wingtip with that something extra for my next pair.